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Apple TV customers can finally stream YouTube in superb 4K, because of a new software update that began rolling out to the device last week. The developments are believed to have been first noticed by Redditor, u/vulcan, earlier than being broadly reported by the US media. It has since been formally confirmed by the company.

The 4K option for YouTube is available on Apple TV 4K boxes operating tvOS 14.0, tvOS 14.0.1, and tvOS 14.2 betas.

As might be seen within the screenshot shared by the Redditor, customers will now get the choice to stream 4K YouTube movies of their native resolution, however, there’s still no support for HDR or 60fps, which implies customers will nonetheless be caught with 30fps streaming. Those insisting on a smoother, 60fps frame-rate, should drop all the way down to 1440p.

Do observe that the feature has just begun rolling out and isn’t yet obtainable to all customers, however, that’s prone to change within the coming days.

Google and Apple are also reportedly engaged in rolling out 4K support to iPhones and iPads, though, there’s still no official ETA for that yet. According to Google, support for 4K streaming on YouTube will likely be available ‘soon’ on Apple’s phones & tablets, however, the firm is yet to announce more details on the topic.

Meanwhile, the lack of 60fps and HDR assist is raising speculations that Apple may be reserving that for future Apple TV 4K hardware, so it will likely be interesting to see how that plays out going ahead.

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