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Apple at WWDC 2020 announced the next generation of it’s Watch OS. It bought some new features, such as Face Sharing, Smarter Workouts App, and much more.

You can now customize watch faces for specific purposes. (If you like surfing, make a watch face that displays stats about water, for example)

With Face Fharing, you can download new Watch Faces from App Store, Websites, and even from friends and family.

With improved Workouts App, the Apple Watch now supports more types of workouts and can even support various types of Dance around the world as a workout. WatchOS 7 is also getting a revamped Activity app, now called Fitness, for tracking fitness goals.

WatchOS 7 is adding a much-requested feature: Sleep Tracking. The Wind Down function creates a new lockdown screen at your scheduled bedtime, dimming the screen and removing distractions. The watch uses machine-learning to track your breathing during your sleep, giving you more insight into your health.

The new Apple WatchOS is even suited to post-coronavirus society, tracking your hand-washing motions and letting you know if you still need to keep washing your hands.

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