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With Apple Silicon Macs now out in the wild and in the palms of consumers, Google has developed a new model of Chrome that is designed for the machines. Chrome 87, launched as we speak, is available in a version that is optimized for Apple Silicon.

As noted by the Chrome team on Twitter, the rollout of the feature has hit a “snag” and it has been briefly paused in the meanwhile.

Chrome for Apple Silicon‌ Macs will resume rolling out starting tomorrow, and when it is available the new version of Chrome will have the ability to be downloaded on an ‌Apple Silicon‌ Mac by visiting the Chrome download page. On the web page, there’s a choice to download Chrome on a “Mac with Intel chip” and “Mac with Apple chip.”

The prior version of Chrome designed for Intel Macs will run on the Macs with Rosetta 2, however new Mac customers will need to download the ‌Apple Silicon‌ specific version because it’s higher optimized for the new chips and can run better.

Those that already downloaded the M1 model of Chrome when it was obtainable earlier today may be running into some crashing issues, and Google has a workaround available on its website.

Chrome 87 introduces some notable speed enhancements implemented through tab throttling and higher resource management. The newest model of Chrome also supports additional Chrome actions that can be executed through the address bar together with a tab search option.

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