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Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei reportedly posted an emotionally-charged farewell speech for departing Honor employees on Thursday.

According to Reuters, Zhengfei addressed the sub-brand on the company’s employee discussion board and blamed its recent sale on the spate of US sanctions. His feedback line up with Huawei’s latest statement where it mentioned that it’s under “tremendous pressure” from the US authorities.

“Wave after wave of severe US sanctions against Huawei has led us to finally understand, certain American politicians want to kill us, not just correct us,” Zhengfei mentioned in his speech.

While Huawei could deal with the difficulties, it didn’t need to risk the livelihood of “millions” of Honor employees, Zhengfei’s message stated. “We don’t have to drag innocent people into the water just because we suffer,” he added.

Citing industry sources, Reuters reports that Huawei’s rivals have been ramping up production in anticipation of its declining market share.

Huawei’s cut in the international smartphone market is expected to fall to 4% in 2021, in accordance with one market analysis firm, with manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo predicted to pick up the slack. With Honor also out of the picture, Huawei’s shipments are believed to dwindle further.

In his speech, Zhengfei encouraged the outgoing sub-brand to turn out to be Huawei’s competitor after the “divorce.” Surpassing Huawei should “become your slogan for motivation,” he told Honor’s workforce.

The future of Huawei smartphones hangs in the balance right now because the US is undergoing a change in administration.

The Trump administration was significantly harsh on Huawei and deemed the company a threat to nationwide safety. We may see some easing up of sanctions under the Biden administration, but it surely’s hard to tell how the politics of it all will play out.

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