Bored to Read? Listen to it

The technological world is advancing fast, and the virtual media is way more strengthened after the pandemic. If everything is done virtually then why not use a virtual person to announce products. China, Japan, and Korea used Virtual Robots for their News Reading, but for the first time a Korean Giant, LG used a virtual influencer named Reah Keem to announce their product.

Reah Keem is not only a virtual influencer but a DJ and a travel junkie too. She has an Instagram account and a Soundcloud page making her influencer persona more acceptable.

In the CES keynotes, she smoothly presented LG‘s new CLOi robot for disinfecting surfaces. She also announced the 2021 line of the company’s lightweight Gram laptop and Ultrafine OLED Pro 4K monitor for creative folks.

She talked about missing traveling to places too in the presentation. The presentation went smooth and glitch-free but her robotic voice couldn’t hide the fact that she isn’t a human. The Spectators are wondering if she is LG’s own production or is some third-party service.

Nevertheless, this instance is enough to show the way we are heading to. We definitely hope to see more advancements like this.

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