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Apple has officially announced that it will be switching from Intel processors to its own ARM-based, A-series chips in its MacBooks. It already uses these SoCs in its iPhones and iPads, so this change will create a common architecture across Apple Devices. During the WWDC keynote, CEO Tim Cook said that the transition to ARM-based chips will start this week and will take about two years to run its course — about the same timeframe as to when Apple switched from IBM’s PowerPC architecture to Intel’s chips.

To help developers get apps ready for the new architecture, Apple will be outfitting them with Developer Kits. This Kit features an A12Z Bionic Chip with 16 Gigs of RAM, and a 512GB SSD, along with a slew of IO ports — all inside a Mac Mini shell. Programmers can also join learning sessions during this week’s online-only WWDC event to get up to speed on adapting their apps for this new architecture. This program can be availed by visiting Apple’s Official Site.

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