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Recently, Apple announced that they are moving away from Intel chips and implementing ARM-based Apple Silicon. For the transition to take place, Apple has announced Rosetta 2, etc. for the translation and emulation of X86 based programs.

But, in the Windows camp, the support for ARM is limited as of now. It has mostly to do with the fact that it doesn’t support 64-bit x86 apps but only do 32-bit x86 apps. And since most modern software is 64-bit nowadays that made ARM on Windows very difficult to use.

Windows ARM 64-bit X86 apps

Fortunately, the situation might change pretty soon since reports suggest that Microsoft is already working on an X64 emulator to run 64-bit X86 apps on ARM-based Windows laptops. This Windows version will be rolling out to testers sometime next month and the stable update for consumers should be arriving in 2021.

Moreover, Microsoft has announced that it would optimize its new Chromium-based Edge browser to work faster and more efficient on ARM-based Windows.

Let’s hope Microsoft can optimise Windows for ARM since ARM laptops are going to get more popular in a next few years.

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